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Employment Practices Liability Insurance Provided By Our Agency

Employer-related risks, including issues like sexual harassment, wrongful termination, or discrimination, can be among the most damaging exposures for a business. Employment practices liability (EPL) litigation can significantly impact employers of all sizes, potentially leading to financial devastation and lasting damage to an organization's reputation.

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Wrongful Termination
Emotional distress

Retaliation coverage

Risk Factors

In a retaliation claim, the employee alleges that they are being harassed or discriminated against as punishment for speaking out about issues occurring to others in the workplace. Retaliation claims are often related to pay cuts or demotions that do not affect the employee’s overall performance.


The business can take an EPLI to cover themselves from any damages or claims.

Wrongful termination coverage

Risk Factors

Wrongful termination is any firing done in violation of federal, state, or local laws, the terms of an employment agreement, or for reasons that go against public policy.


The business can take an EPLI to cover themselves from any damages or claims.

Harassment coverage

Risk Factors

The most prevalent type of workplace harassment is of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment entails unwanted sexual advances, both physical and verbal. Workplace harassment claims have been steadily rising over the last few years.


The business can take an EPLI to cover themselves from any damages or claims.

Infliction of mental or emotional distress

Risk Factors

Intentional infliction of emotional distress occurs when the employer purposely causes emotional distress to employees by way of some conduct that is not fit for the workplace.


The business can take an EPLI to cover themselves from any damages or claims.

Discrimination coverage

Risk Factors

Many types of discrimination can occur at work based on race, religion, sex, disability, age, equal pay, national origin, genetic information, pregnancy, and more.


The business can take an EPLI to cover themselves from any damages or claims.

Understanding Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment practices liability insurance, referred to as EPL insurance or EPLI, offers coverage to employers facing claims from employees alleging:

  • Discrimination (based on racial, ethnic, age, or handicap criteria)
  • Incorrect dismissal
  • Mistreatment
  • Other concerns about employment, such not being promoted

While large corporations are typically well-protected against employment practices lawsuits and are equipped to handle these situations, small and emerging businesses are often more vulnerable. This vulnerability is often due to the absence of an employee handbook or a legal department outlining hiring, disciplinary, and termination policies.

How to Mitigate Employment Practices Liability Risks

Together with your insurance agent, discuss potential loss exposures and ensure that you have sufficient employment practices liability insurance.

  • Develop an employee handbook that details your company's workplace policies, including attendance, discipline, and complaints.
  • Create clear job descriptions for each position, outlining expectations for skills and performance.
  • Conduct regular performance reviews and document the results in each employee's file.
  • Implement a screening and hiring program to identify unsuitable candidates before conducting in-person interviews.

What Does Employment Practices Liability Insurance Cover?

EPLI policies generally cover the following:

  • Defense costs, including court fees, attorney fees, and related expenses.
  • Covers the payment of settlements or judgments up to the specified limits.
  • Fines or penalties imposed by government agencies.

These policies protect business owners, directors, officers, and managers. Some policies also extend coverage to employees. Additionally, you can purchase third-party policies to cover claims brought by non-employees, such as clients.

The Importance of Employment Practices Liability Insurance

There has been an increase in employment dispute claims in the U.S. against businesses of all sizes and across industries in recent years. Employees alleging workplace discrimination, privacy invasion, defamation, and retaliation are reporting violations of their rights. Even businesses with sound practices and policies can be vulnerable to claims of both intentional and unintentional infractions.

It's a common misconception that these lawsuits are covered under Workers' Compensation Insurance. Instead, a specific type of professional liability insurance is required to provide the necessary coverage. The need for Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) extends beyond protecting your business's financial assets in case of a claim or judgment. It is also crucial for when a claim is filed.

The pertinent question for each company is not whether it will face an employment practice liability (EPL) claim but when it will, how much it will cost, and the potential harm to its brand and reputation. Traditional rules, processes, and supervisory training are no longer sufficient to shield companies from the high costs of employment litigation.

By securing Employment Practices Liability Insurance from Sargent Insurance Agency in Arkansas, you can ensure that your business is protected against these risks, safeguarding both your financial assets and your reputation.

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