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Looking for Workers Compensation Insurance in Arkansas?

Ensuring your employees' well-being means securing the future of your business.

An essential part of running a successful business in  is main Arkansastaining a safe work environment for your employees. However, accidents and illnesses can still occur. Workers compensation insurance offers you and your employees the critical protection you need when such situations arise.

At Sargent Insurance Agency, you strive to create a safe and secure workplace where your employees can excel and help your business flourish. Even with the greatest intentions, mishaps like trips, falls, or broken equipment can still happen, resulting in diseases or injuries.

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Medical expenses
Fatal injury compensation 
Lost income

Medical expenses coverage

Risk Factors

A painter falls off a ladder while working on a ceiling and breaks a leg. His workers’ compensation policy pays for the ambulance ride to the hospital, surgery, medications, and physical rehabilitation.


When an accident happens at a workplace, workers’ compensation covers the cost of immediate care, such as an ambulance ride or an emergency room visit. It also helps pay for surgical procedures, medications, hospital stays, and ongoing care.

Compensation for fatal injuries coverage

Risk Factors

An electrician accidentally touches a live wire, goes into cardiac arrest, and dies. The electrical company’s workers’ comp policy covers the cost of the funeral and burial. It also provides financial support to the electrician’s spouse and children.


When a work-related incident is fatal, workers’ compensation pays death benefits that cover funeral expenses and help support the deceased individual’s family.

Lawsuit coverage

Risk Factors

A chef in a restaurant suffers third-degree burns while trying to put out a grease fire. She blames the restaurant for failing to provide a fire extinguisher and adequate safety training. The case goes to court; the restaurant's workers' comp policy pays for the cost of hiring a lawyer and the eventual settlement.


Workers' compensation insurance typically includes employers' liability insurance. This policy protects the employer from a lawsuit claiming a worker was injured by the employer's negligence. If an employee sues, it can help pay for the attorney's fees, court costs, settlements, or judgments.

Lost income coverage

Risk Factors

An HVAC installer accidentally lowers an air-conditioner unit on his foot and breaks several bones. The installer has to stay off his feet for a month, which prevents him from working. The installation company’s workers’ comp policy pays part of the wages that would have been earned during the month of missed work.


A serious injury can prevent an employee from returning to work for days, weeks, or even months. Workers’ compensation often pays for part of the wages lost while an employee is recovering from a workplace injury or occupational illness.

Rehabilitation coverage

Risk Factors

Your disabled employee may also receive a Transferable Skills Analysis. This helps find other roles for them where they can learn new skills and work with their disability.


Workers’ comp can help cover your employee’s ongoing care. This includes ongoing physical therapy or vocational rehabilitation to help them learn new skills to return to work in a different role. Workers’ comp can even help cover any further training and certifications.

Is Workers Compensation Insurance Mandatory?

Workers Compensation insurance is a state-regulated program to replace lost income and medical expenditures resulting from an employee's work-related accident or illness. It also includes services to help the employee recover and return to work. This coverage is required by law in most states, 
including Arkansas.

Cost of Workers Compensation Insurance in Arkansas

Each state has a different workers compensation insurance premium, which is determined by a number of criteria, such as:

The number of employees
The nature of their work
Your claims history
Your industry

Classification codes determine insurance rates, assessing the risk associated with jobs and industries. Higher-risk jobs typically incur higher insurance costs. Correctly classifying each employee can help reduce your Workers Compensation policy costs. For instance, an administrative assistant at a construction company will have a lower rate than a construction worker.

At Sargent Insurance Agency, we prioritize your employees' safety and security because they are your business's backbone.

Contact our office immediately to explore your Workers Compensation needs and choices. Alternatively, visit our quotes page to get started.

By securing comprehensive Workers Compensation insurance in Arkansas, you can confidently protect your employees and your business.

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If you cancel a previous policy before a new policy is effective, you could run into some serious financial problems.

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